Wednesday 29 June 2011 v3.5 for realz is now available. 3.5 adds two long-requested features: convenient navigation in the HTML report to find flagged sections of code, and better control over partial branch warnings.

More details are in the beta blog post from a few weeks ago. Not much has changed since then, I only heard from one user of the beta, but that user was Guido. As a result, the HTML navigation works properly in more browsers, and behaves better when the current chunk is completely off the screen. Enjoy!


zsiciarz 8:52 AM on 29 Jun 2011

The PyPI link still leads to 3.5b1 release. Anyway, yay! :)

Ned Batchelder 9:04 AM on 29 Jun 2011

Oops, it's always something. Thanks, fixed!

Domen Kožar 9:45 AM on 29 Jun 2011

Any plans to support conditional coverage?
Like instrumental:

Ned Batchelder 10:08 AM on 29 Jun 2011

@Domen, no plans yet for condition coverage. It would require a big change to how measures code, either by using an ast approach like instrumental uses, or a bytecode hack as in my Wicked hack: Python bytecode tracing.

Ross 3:09 PM on 29 Jun 2011

Great work - as usual, cheers Ned!

Christian Heimes 4:19 AM on 30 Jun 2011

Thanks for your hard work and the new release, Ned!

I had tested coverage 3.5b1 for a while and found no new bugs. The issue with branch coverage of 'with' statements in Python 2.7 still persists, though. It's not a deal breaker for me, just a minor inconvenience.

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