v3.5 beta 1

Sunday 5 June 2011This is 12 years old. Be careful. v3.5 beta 1 is available now. 3.5 adds two long-requested features: convenient navigation in the HTML report to find flagged sections of code, and better control over partial branch warnings.

In the HTML report, there are hotkeys to navigate within your source code. ‘1’ takes you to the first highlighted region, and ‘j’ and ‘k’ move up and down through them. Click the keyboard icon in the upper right of the report to see the complete list of hotkeys.

HTML reporting should now be faster in the common case of re-generating the report after making incremental changes to your code. Files which haven’t changed won’t be regenerated, speeding the entire process.’s branch coverage has been a bit simplistic. For example, it would complain that a “while True:” was partial, because it never finished the loop. Now a few simple constructs like that are understood properly right out of the box. In addition, there is a “no branch” pragma that you can use to mark your own intentionally-partial branches.

There have been lots of other changes, so take it for a spin. Drop me a line if you find any problems.

BTW: I’ve created a coveragepy-announce mailing list for new version announcements. Subscribe if you’d like an email when I release new versions.


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