Max 18

Tuesday 9 March 2010

Today is my son Max’s 18th birthday. Although he is not my oldest, in many ways he is my eldest. It’s been a pleasure watching and helping him grow into a man, and it will be difficult to let him go off to college in the fall.

He’s made various appearances in this blog over the years, making a micro Lego AT-AT and social disturbances at 10, a Flash movie at 11, scientific observations and programming first steps at 13, innovative cinema at 14, a stop-motion movie for French class and an OS X application at 16.

I’m very proud of Max and everything he’s done, and I’m looking forward to what’s next.

Happy Birthday, Max!


Jeff Darcy 7:49 AM on 9 Mar 2010

Happy Birthday, Max! Also, lest we forget, congratulations and thanks to Mom and Dad for making this day possible. ;)

Nate Eagleson 11:56 AM on 10 Mar 2010

Happy birthday!

Some pretty cool projects there. I really liked the silliputtimation.

bbum 9:27 PM on 10 Mar 2010

Happy Birthday & welcome to The Big Room, Max!! Knowing Ned, I'd bet you are well prepared.

I would encourage Max to read this rather tritely titled piece I wrote on internships:

Of all the other amazing opportunities unique to college life, the internship opportunities stand out. It is the one time you will get a chance to effectively beta test companies you might like to join....

Donna 5:26 PM on 12 Mar 2010

You are a GREAT father for all of your sons!

Yoav Shapira 8:14 PM on 14 Mar 2010

Belated happy birthday to Max, and congratulations to you and your wife ;)

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