My boys, the new media artists


andrew 9:38 PM on 30 Jul 2003


clint 9:55 PM on 30 Jul 2003

that's so cool; i'm extremely proud of my kids also (ages 3, 7 and 9). it's great to be a dad!

what did they use to create that Flash movie? maybe my kids would want to try it!

-- clint

p.s. keep up the good work; and don't consider yourself "not worthy," as you say in your previous message. i bookmarked your site a few weeks back because I do like your design; many of the positive things you say about holovaty's site are true of your own (holovaty's is down-right cool, tho').

freddyMac 10:25 PM on 30 Jul 2003

Put that animation on a .jp domain and you are guaranteed placement on


Richard Caetano 12:57 AM on 31 Jul 2003

Neat!! I can relate by having a son of my own...i love to see them progress. It's great to be a dad indeed!

max 8:50 AM on 31 Jul 2003

that is so cool!

Bob 9:07 AM on 31 Jul 2003

Excellent. It's great when the kids work together on projects.

BCOH 1:14 PM on 31 Jul 2003

Awesome work...the boys must have been jacked to see the final output! Scene II??

Justin Knol 10:54 PM on 1 Aug 2003

Joshua (7) was very impressed too. Looks like a few dads will be taking crash courses in Flash.

Please pass on our congratulations to your boys.


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