My boys, the new media artists


that's so cool; i'm extremely proud of my kids also (ages 3, 7 and 9). it's great to be a dad!

what did they use to create that Flash movie? maybe my kids would want to try it!

-- clint

p.s. keep up the good work; and don't consider yourself "not worthy," as you say in your previous message. i bookmarked your site a few weeks back because I do like your design; many of the positive things you say about holovaty's site are true of your own (holovaty's is down-right cool, tho').
Put that animation on a .jp domain and you are guaranteed placement on


Neat!! I can relate by having a son of my own...i love to see them progress. It's great to be a dad indeed!
Excellent. It's great when the kids work together on projects.
Awesome work...the boys must have been jacked to see the final output! Scene II??
Joshua (7) was very impressed too. Looks like a few dads will be taking crash courses in Flash.

Please pass on our congratulations to your boys.


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