Stuff I didn’t write about

Thursday 3 January 2013

In the decade I’ve been running this blog, I’ve accumulated 30 or so draft posts. I’m sick of looking at them, so I’m getting rid of them. Here are a few links in those drafts that still seemed interesting:

  • Radical Cartography, a collection of map experiments.
  • Rebound Designs, handmade device cases made from old books.
  • St Atmos, a voluptuously fat font. Not so legible, but very sensuous.
  • JONGL, a crazy juggling simulator. Where else will you see a giraffe bounce-juggling flower pots?


Nate 8:50 AM on 4 Jan 2013

Looks like that link to Rebound Designs is somewhat broken, a link to the base site works however:

Ned Batchelder 9:04 AM on 4 Jan 2013

D'oh! fixed, thanks.

Shauna 7:06 PM on 4 Jan 2013

I love these! I'm glad you decided to purge your drafts.

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