Saturday 29 September 2012This is close to 11 years old. Be careful.

The latest bug-fix release of is now available: v3.5.3. Eight bugs were fixed, the most visible of which is that the line numbers in the HTML report now line up better with the source lines (again). Thanks to a simple CSS fix from Marius Gedminas, this perennial annoyance may finally be eradicated.

All the details are in the change history, as usual.

It’s getting chilly out there, cover up...


You have more faith in my trivial patch than I do. But a simple fix today is better than waiting for somebody else to come up with a better one.
@Marius: it was simple, and made sense, and worked! What more could you ask from a patch?
Elegance? ;-)

The bug was caused by a certain lack of precision (approximating 4/3 as 1.3333em). My fix increased that precision somewhat (to 1.3333333em), but that's still an approximation.
I have the nagging suspicion that may still be insufficiently precise for some maybe-future browser versions on some devices/displays/font sizes.

The old saying about perfect being the enemy of good is the only thing that consoles me.

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