Friday 23 September 2011 v3.5.1 is available. If you haven’t tried it before, is a code coverage tool for your Python code. Run your tests under it, and it will tell you which parts of your code are not being exercised by your tests.

As I mentioned in the 3.5.1b1 announcement, there’s not much new: the one new feature is for people measuring coverage on a number of different machines, then combining the data together for reporting. Now you can specify how differently-named source directories on those machines get combined together. The only improvement since 3.5.1b1 is that this feature now works!

Branch coverage works better on “for-else” structures, and on the “with” statement, so if you’ve been experimenting with branch coverage, but have been frustrated by false warnings, this release should be much better.


Hey, this library is simply great. Thank you for this clever work!

One small question, I'm using it with python code involving the eval function. The evaluated piece of code calls a function in another python file. Surprisingly these file and function does not show up in the coverage log. Any idea?

@Henri, thanks, glad you're finding it useful. If you email me more details (actual code is best), or write a bug report on the repo (, I can look into what's going on.
Hey, this morning, refueled with a good sleeping night and coffee, I'm unable to reproduce this problem. I guess the error was on my side. More precisely I suspect the use of an outdated data-file in my code.

Thanks anyway, and again, thanks for the hard work!

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