Splitting Planet Python

Thursday 30 December 2010

For more than eight years, this blog has had a single rss feed, with everything mixed together. It was simpler that way, but it meant that Planet Python aggregated all of my posts, regardless of their interest to a Python audience.

In keeping with Planet Python policy, I’ve at long last created a special feed for them to pull. So as not to completely banish serendipity from Pythonista’s lives, I haven’t built the feed only around the python tag, but from a list of tags I think Pythonistas might reasonably be interested in. So I’ve included math, but not art, for example. Javascript is in, PHP is out. No longer will you have to wade through cakes or politics just because you are interested in Django.

Of course, if you want the full range of topics, the original full feed is still here.


Doug Hellmann 8:21 AM on 30 Dec 2010

Aw, the cakes are some of the best stuff you post! ;-) Going off to subscribe to the full feed now...

Calvin Spealman 10:35 AM on 30 Dec 2010

The problem here is that now I'll get your Python stuff twice. I'm going to unsubscribe from Planet Python soon, because I have so much duplicate content through it.

Rafe Kettler 11:51 AM on 30 Dec 2010

Now if only everyone else would do this...

Ned Batchelder 1:58 PM on 30 Dec 2010

It's funny, actually, when I meet people at Pycon, and they say, "I loved _______ on your blog," about half the time, the blank is not Python-related...

Ashwin Nanjappa 7:37 PM on 30 Dec 2010

Thanks for the Python feed Ned! :-)

DeanG 8:34 PM on 4 Jan 2011

I wish the planetpython.org would be full feeds and planet.python.org was python content.

Andru 4:41 PM on 7 Jan 2011

So am i.

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