Leaving Tabblo

Sunday 14 November 2010

My last day at Tabblo and Hewlett-Packard is in five weeks. It's been almost five years since I joined Tabblo, and three and a half years since HP acquired us.

It's been a really interesting experience. First, building a consumer web site in a startup environment, launching it, and encouraging its growth. Then steering the group within HP, a large complex environment, equally as chaotic as a startup, but along different dimentions.

HP allowed us to do deals we never would have on our own: a book editor for Disney, applications promoted on the Myspace front page, print buttons on AOL.com. It's been fascinating to adapt our code to new applications, test the flexibility of our abstractions, and build new experiences at times faster than we did as a startup.

But the large company environment is not best for me. The challenges are becoming more organizational than technical. I'm ready for new problems. I'll be freelancing, something I've never tried before. I already have a few really interesting possibilities lined up.

I'll miss the people and work at Tabblo, but it's time to go. On to the next.


Yoav Shapira 11:51 AM on 14 Nov 2010

Congratulations and good luck in whatever you do next ;)

Antonio Rodriguez 11:55 AM on 14 Nov 2010

It feels like just yesterday that I came to your house to be interviewed by your kids to see if you could go work at this crazy startup!

Exciting things to come!

Alan Green 1:39 PM on 14 Nov 2010


brian 4:13 PM on 14 Nov 2010

Congrats Nedley! Can't wait to see what you come up with next.

Joshua Ledwell 9:20 PM on 14 Nov 2010

Congrats and best wishes for what's next.

John Cavanaugh 10:17 PM on 14 Nov 2010

Good luck with your endeavors. Im sure HP doesnt quite realize what it will be missing when you are gone...

Ross 2:43 AM on 15 Nov 2010

Good luck Ned!

Ben Poole 3:16 AM on 15 Nov 2010

Exciting times ahead Ned! Many congratulations on making the move, and I wish you all the very best in your new endeavours.

Dan Schwarz 8:35 AM on 15 Nov 2010


Pete Lyons 10:16 AM on 17 Nov 2010

Good luck. I look forward to hearing about your adventures.

David Lees 1:45 PM on 17 Nov 2010

Congrats on leaving the Borg. It takes guts to do these days. It should be an interesting adventure.

Dan Dunn 9:26 PM on 18 Nov 2010

Congrats, Ned. Let 2011 bring new and rewarding challenges.

octopusgrabbus 8:55 AM on 30 Nov 2010

Congrats. Please let us know where you're going when you get there.

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