DevDays Boston

Wednesday 7 October 2009This is over 13 years old. Be careful.

Today was the DevDays Boston one-day conference. I did an hour introducing Python. My slides are here: DevDays Whirlwind Python (sorry there’s no text).

It was a really good crowd, lots of intelligent questions at the end, lots of good energy. The other talks were really interesting too, it was great to have diversity: iPhone, Javascript, Mono, and so on.

Joel of course was entertaining and announced a few new products from FogBugz which look interesting, including Mercurial hosting as a plugin, called Kiln (can’t find a link).


Hey Ned -- the Kiln link is -- thanks for the great talk!
Ned, thanks for those slides. I'm just getting into Python and, though most of it was familiar, there were still quiet a few little hints that I expect will be very helpful.
Ned, your presentation was both entertaining and enlightening. I came in to DevDays with no experience in Python, and a misguided notion that the language was complicated and difficult to learn*. I left with a good sense of how to approach the language, its strengths, etc., and inspired to learn more and use it in a project as soon as possible.

Also thanks to you, I have removed from my mind the visual association of a snake, and replaced it with a giant foot.

*I've been learning Objective-C this year, and I may have shell shock.
Thanks, everyone, I'm glad it was useful. Welcome to the Python world!

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