Side project endgame

Friday 5 June 2009This is 14 years old. Be careful.

Titus said that a side project is like a mistress: you only spend an hour a night with her, catch as catch can. I totally agree. Except these days, while trying to put the finishing touches on a release, what with packaging and docs, it’s like spending an hour a night working on my mistress’s tax returns.

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That's definitely the same boat I'm in. Furthermore, it's really difficult to have multiple mistresses, er, side-projects.
It's a horrible paradox: for small projects, the boring bits (packaging etc) are also the ones you need in order to gain real popularity.
Ok, I'm probably weird (well, I'm definitely weird), but I usually this sort of stuff. Particularly when I spent a lot of time working on the GNOME project, I specialised in build stuff and packaging and docs polishing because it was satisfying to get everything just so. That's still true these days: I like clean code, noiseless logs, tidy installation procedures and enjoy making it happen.
@Malcolm: I agree with you that it is very satisfying to get everything "just so". I like having all my ducks in a row. But I guess I'd characterize it as "I like having gotten them all in a row" more than "I like getting them all in a row". Packaging and docs will just never be the part of the project that captures my imagination.

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