Geek clock


Marc 10:38 PM on 7 Jun 2009

That's not the numeral "3", that's "3!" otherwise known as 3 factorial, which evaluates to 6...

Marc 10:49 PM on 7 Jun 2009

Whoops, I missed which "3" you meant, my bad...

Jon-Pierre Gentil 1:46 AM on 8 Jun 2009

What nerd clock wouldn't be complete without something that nerds could pick apart as some sort of inaccuracy or flaw? :)

Kevin Reid 7:01 AM on 8 Jun 2009

Looks like sloppy LaTeX on the “(mod 7)”.

ulrik 7:51 AM on 8 Jun 2009

@Kevin: yes!!, should be

2^{-1} \pmod 7

Ned Batchelder 9:26 AM on 8 Jun 2009

Yes, the mod7 needs the space...

Frank 12:06 PM on 8 Jun 2009

If you're not happy with this clock, here are two worthy substitutes:

pop quiz clock:

triple 9 society clock:

kudla 8:29 PM on 10 Jun 2009

It's supposed to be a clock. My contention is, they should all be numerals.

moreno 3:48 AM on 31 Mar 2012

I have a similar clock on my iPhone called Analog Geek Clock and I like it :)

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