Coverage v3.0

Saturday 13 June 2009 v3.0 is done. There are new docs up, and final kits. The main change since beta 3 was how the standard library is excluded. I was being too aggressive, and sometimes excluding all the product code as well, depending on the layout of the project. Now it behaves much better.

If you haven’t been keeping up with the changes since 2.x, there are plenty of them, including greatly improved speed and a nice HTML reporting feature.


I can't wait to install this at work. I will have time after our current sprint. The HTML reporting should be awesome. I am working with out infrastructure group to make your coverage reporting part of our nightly builds. Thanks for all the hard work!
Hi Ned,

Have you also incorporated C code coverage into it? Coz from the report I see on there are reports for a number of C sources too.
@Shuaib: that report is from (I believe) gcov, which is a C coverage tool. Notice that the .py files are all marked as n/a. only measures Python code coverage.
It seems that the recursion limit statement does not work when executed in coverage 3.0, like in this sample code:
import sys
def add1(number = 0):
number = number + 1
if(number < 2000):add1(number)
if __name__ == '__main__':
Ned, sorry, I thought the report on was generated using actually it was generated using pycoco. :)
@lacho: thanks for the report. The recursion limit in the tracer function was off by one, and so crashed. But I've removed the limit altogether so your code will run now. Details at
Thank you.

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