Will Ferrell Matrix parody

Tuesday 17 June 2003

Another Matrix Reloaded parody, this one is the intro to the MTV Movie Awards, and includes Will Ferrell as The Architect. Watch it.

BTW: Something I forgot to put in my initial impressions of Matrix Reloaded: I found the sequence of The characters a little tiresome, first The Oracle, then The Keymaker, then The Merovingian, then The Architect. I expected Neo to walk through a door and come face-to-face with... The VP of Marketing!


andrew 8:07 PM on 18 Jun 2003

Colleen and I finally saw "Reloaded" on Monday (we had to travel to San Diego so that Gramma could watch the baby). My impressions were pretty favorable. It suffers from a malady that many unintentional trilogies have (let's not kid ourselves, if the first Matrix had not been such a runaway hit, it would have ended there, with Neo flying away): the need to have a bridge episode to prove that there was a trilogy's worth of celluliod there in the first place. This was purely a "positioning" movie, setting a useable bridge between the standalone first movie and the climactic third.

Since Neo's Matrix powers have begun to bleed into the "real" world, could it not be possible that the final episode has Zion's universe inside just another Matrix? That the true real world is still undiscovered by our protgonists?

I liked The Animatrix too

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