Matrix Reloaded

Friday 16 May 2003

I just came back from seeing Matrix Reloaded. Thoughts:

  • The special effects were amazing. Even knowing that the burly brawl was synthetic, I couldn’t tell. They did a fabulous job.
  • The movie had the same bipolar feel as the first: scenes were either extended over-the-top fighting action scenes, or quiet talky philosophical scenes with not that much in between.
  • I’d like to see more of Persephone and less of Merovingian.
  • It’s a good thing Matrix Revolutions is coming out in only six months, because this movie is too much of a cliff-hanger for a longer interval.
  • The ending credits are very long, but a trailer for Matrix Revolutions awaits you if you sit through them.
  • If you go to see a movie with four 11-year-olds, be prepared to miss at least two chunks of the movie, as you take different kids for bathroom breaks!
  • A funny light-hearted spoof of the original: Laid-Off.


In searching the web to see who the heck Persephone and Merovingian are (I have not yet seen the movie), I came across this review from a Christian magazine->

I don't usually read theset hings, but this one is actually not bad. It is not as preachy as some of the other ones that I have read and actually has some good things to say about the movie. Predictably, it harshes on the sex, language and violence, but strangely treats the Christian metaphor part of the film with some subtlety. No spoilers that I can discern (modulo some stuff that I had read elsewhere)

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