Django Chat podcast

Wednesday 13 October 2021

I had a fun conversation on the Django Chat podcast with Will Vincent and Carlton Gibson. It was a great discussion.

Things we talked about:

  • Walking
  • Right and wrong ways to do things
  • Geographic meetups during virtual times
  • Open source attention
  • The evolution of the Python standard library
  • Python 3.10’s trace behavior
  • Coverage as a measure of test quality
  • UX of test information
  • Developer gamification
  • Upgrading Django with third-party packages
  • Convincing people to test
  • Using non-public interfaces
  • Cog
  • Side projects as outlets
  • Rewriting my wacky personal site (this site)
  • edX being acquired by 2U
  • Open source from first principles



Nice talk! Never knew there’s a podcast dedicated to Python/Django.

Loved the part about class-based vs function-based views. I do believe it’s better to use a class-based view to have a framework-based CRUD system.

I’d prefer using function-based views when you’re working on something that’s more towards external usage, payment integrations, dealing with callbacks, etc.

Also, the part about teaching beginners - it makes so much sense, they don’t need to learn how things were done in 2006, it’s 2022 already and they can skip steps.

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