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Monday 13 September 2021

Big changes behind the scenes here at, but only a small change for you.

My hosting provider was being acquired, and they said they would migrate my site to the new host. Then they wrote last month to say they couldn’t migrate it (no word why), and that I had six weeks to find a new home.

I briefly tried to just move the site as it was, but PHP 5 was in the mix. Rather than learn how to move it to PHP 7, I bit the bullet and converted it to a real Django-served site.

For 13 years this site has been built with Django, but served as static HTML pages. The comments were handled by PHP code. As part of this move, the site is now served directly by Django on the host, with Django-implemented comments.

This should all be invisible to readers of the site, except for one thing: comments are now written as Markdown instead of as neutered HTML. Having a Django foundation means I will be able to make changes more easily in the future.

Behind the scenes, there is still plenty of strange tech: content is in XML, loaded into a SQLite database locally, then rsync’ed to the server.

Some dormant areas of the site aren’t serving properly yet, but the important stuff works. If you see a problem, please let me know.



Wow this comments section is awesome! I’m currently using Pelican as a static blog generator which I love, but the one fly in that ointment is that comments are provided by Disqus. It mightn’t be worth the rather heavy lift just for blog comments, but nice to see you’ve put in that extra effort. It really shows!



The RSS feed switchover went off without a hitch (at least in NetNewsWire 5). Kudos!


One thing I noticed recently is that the address ending in “blog/” doesn’t work, while the address ending in “blog” does. I’m guessing that’s a routing issue.


@mwchase thanks, yes, i am still working out some .htaccess details on the shared hosting…

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