300 walks

Monday 27 September 2021

I’ve been continuing the walking I described in Pandemic walks, and have now completed 300 such walks, 1648 miles. Walking new streets every day, but from the same point, actually means walking a lot of the same streets every day.

Here are three map thumbnails, showing the new streets visited in the first hundred walks, the next hundred, and the third hundred:

New streets in the first hundred walks
New streets in the second hundred walks
New streets in the third hundred walks

Although the total distance is longer in the last third than in the first, the total of new streets covered is much less, because of how far I had to go to even get to the new streets.

But the walks will continue, still targeting new streets. It’s a great way to get out, see new things, and get some exercise.

Here’s an animation of the 300 walks:

Animation of a map showing every walk I've taken

On to 400!

Update (Sept 29) Today was my 301st walk, and my mapping toolchain started the fourth hundred-map thumbnail, but it’s underwhelming since it only shows the new streets covered by one walk...

New streets in the fourth hundred walks (so far: just one walk)

BTW: I wrote about how I do the mapping back in February: Mapping walks. The new thing here is how I do the 100-walk new-street maps. Low tech: to make the 201–300 map, I draw walks 1–300 with a thin black line, then I draw walks 1–200 with a thicker white line. Only the new streets remain.



You appear to be quite good at measuring and increasing path coverage. Makes sense. :)


@Collin, good one! I am amazed no one has made that pun until now :)


Fun. I’ve been doing something similar in Arlington; but without the bookkeeping and much less methodical. I’ve included the paths in parks and cemeteries, dead ends, pedestrian pass-thrus, and alleys. I’ve also made an attempt to go into all the retail establishments.

Years ago I, and my family, listened to a bit on NPR where in some research reported he had taken note of a curious segment of society. He was clearly bewildered. He reported that these people, who he names “sensation seekers”, would - for example - be driving down the street and think “I wonder?” and turn down some completely new byway. Just to see what’s up with that? My entire family have been giggling about that ever since.


Greeting from a fellow walker! This is my similar walking project, already two years and still walking ;-) https://brouken.com/walking-every-street-in-prague/


Nice vizualisation, thank you for sharing !

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