Coverage 6.0 beta 1

Sunday 18 July 2021

I’ve just published 6.0 beta 1. The latest changes are not monumental, but I would love for you to test it.

The version bump to 6.0 is because I’ve dropped support for Python 2 and Python 3.5. But also because the changes to how third-party code is handled felt potentially disruptive. Please read that blog post for details.

The other big thing happening with is Python 3.10. Because of PEP 626 (“Precise line numbers for debugging and other tools”), there have been many changes to how Python reports line numbers. depends on those line numbers, so there have been more than a few bug reports written against Python as the work has progressed.

It will be important to test with 3.10, but to be fair, there have already been a few problems reported in the latest version, 3.10 beta 4. So if you use beta 4, you’ll want to avoid re-reporting the known problems:

If you can build 3.10 from source, that would be a great thing to use for testing, or get ready to jump on 3.10.0 rc1 when it comes out on August 2.



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