Perspective juggling

Saturday 23 January 2021

Taylor Glenn is a great juggler. I don’t mean that she has set world records, or does more-difficult tricks than anyone else. She is certainly very accomplished, but what I love about her is that she brings an easy grace to her juggling, and a friendly encouraging air. I have used some of her instructional videos to improve my technique.

Her latest video, Perspective Juggling, is eye-opening. It’s filmed from above, presenting a fresh view of the juggling. This makes some of the tricks more understandable by seeing the hands move more while the balls seem to move less. Other tricks somehow seem more mysterious. All of them are fluid and mesmerizing.

Take a look:

Watch the video on YouTube

As a juggler, the only improvement I would make would be to flip it around so that her hands reach up toward the top, to be more like a first-person view.


Awesome. I must say inspired, but I have never been good with things requiring a lot of dexterity. Interesting to hear that you are a juggler yourself!
Absolutely mesmerizing. Thanks for sharing, Ned.

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