30% of people can juggle

Tuesday 3 November 2020

I’ve long wondered what portion of the general public can juggle. I couldn’t find an answer searching the web, so I used the best polling method I have, Twitter:

I realize that my Twitter followers skew toward people like me, so I ran a second poll to try to get data outside of my bubble:

These polls are by no means scientific, and are still very skewed toward the savvy and educated. If you ask a tech-bubble person to ask a friend, the friend is still from a small slice of the population as a whole.

But this is the best data we’ve got. I’ll say that in general, 20–30% of people can juggle.

Since I was making polls, and since 30% was higher than I would have guessed, I made a third poll to see what other people would guess:

There’s a nice symmetry to the idea that about 70% of people are surprised that about 30% of people can juggle!

If you have a better source of data about the general public, let me know.


Meta feedback: the white background in the .twitter-tweet class makes it hard to read in the dark themed version of your page

Feel free to not make this comment public :)
I always was curious to know the percentage of people on the planet that can juggle 5 balls.

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