Sunday 28 June 2020

This is the 2500th post on this blog. That’s a lot of writing. I estimate this site has about 480,000 words in total, enough for five books.

I’ve been writing here for more than 18 years. The pace is different than when I started: last year I wrote 33 posts. Compare that to 2003, when I wrote more than ten times as many: 441 posts! Twitter has siphoned off some of the short-post energy, but also interests shift over time.

Writing is a good way to understand things, and to learn things. People mostly think of writing as a way to teach and explain, and I am glad when my posts can do that. But I also really value the feedback loop of learning as I explain, and the deeper understanding I find when I teach.

Here’s a common piece of advice from people who create things: to make better things, make more things. Not only does it give you constant practice at making things, but it gives you more chances at lucking into making a good thing.

These days I set myself a goal of writing two posts a month. I find the goal helpful. It prods me to dig for topics. Some will be duds, but sometimes an apparently boring idea will turn out well.

I can’t promise everything (or anything!) will be interesting or insightful. But I’ll keep writing here. Thanks for reading.


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