Getting Started Testing with pytest

Thursday 20 February 2020

Next week I am presenting Getting Started Testing: pytest edition at Boston Python (event page).

This talk has been through a few iterations. In 2011, I gave a presentation at Boston Python about Getting Started Testing, based on the standard library unittest module. In 2014, I updated it and presented it at PyCon. Now I’ve updated it again, and will be presenting it at Boston Python.

The latest edition, Getting Started Testing: pytest edition, uses pytest throughout. It’s a little long for one evening of talking, but I really wanted to cover the material in it. I wanted to touch on not just the mechanics of testing, but the philosophy and central challenges as well.

I’m sure there are important things I left out, and probably digressions I could trim, but it’ll do. Thoughts welcome.


Hi Ned,
I hope you can have it taped and the talk goes on YouTube. I am teaching a course on Python to Bachelor students (materials: and generally like to put "Further Resources" at the end of my lectures. Already in the first chapter ( I have included a video by you.
As per your blog post last week, you have been officially credited as the source from the first second the materials went online (see repo's history). Besides teaching Python, I also like to show my students the vast number of resources (e.g., taped talks) by the community early.
My materials do not yet contain a lecture on testing but will eventually, and I'd love to redirect readers to your talk by then.
Thanks for all your efforts for the community,

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