Marketing factoid of the day: 57 varieties

Sunday 16 June 2019

The Heinz company has been using the slogan “57 varieties” for more than 120 years. But it was never factual. When they introduced the slogan in 1896, the company already had more than 60 products. The number was chosen for its sound and “psycho­logical effect.”

It’s hard to know the exact number, but today Heinz has thousands of products, including at least 20 ketchups.

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I looked at the 20 varieties of ketchup and just noticed that they have sriracha ketchup. I have some sriracha ketchup by another brand, and it's really good (or at least a lot better than regular ketchup), so Heinz' is probably good too.

A long time ago somebody made something called Kix Ketchup, which was a spicy ketchup, and I really liked it, but they apparently discontinued it many years ago. This sriracha ketchup I found is just as good as that was.

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