Circle of Mad Libs

Monday 11 March 2019

Sometimes you find an unexpected real-world connection even in the geekiest of places. I (nedbat) was hanging out in the #python IRC channel on Freenode, and I recommended to someone that they write a Mad Libs game for a project.

Calvin Spealman (aka ironfroggy) chimed in:

[ironfroggy] didn't you write a madlibs python blog post like... forever ago?
    [nedbat] yes :)  14 years ago I think.
    [nedbat] my son was 13, and he just turned 27...
[ironfroggy] nedbat: fun fact: i read that when my wife was pregnant.
[ironfroggy] my son turns 13 in a few weeks.
[ironfroggy] we make games together now
    [nedbat] :) i like the symmetry

My post from 14 years ago is Programming madlibs, written based on a project I did with my then 13-year-old. To think that Calvin read it on the brink of becoming a father, and now has a son the same age that mine was then, is mind-bending.

It’s kind of like a circle of life or something, but I guess it’s just a circle of Mad Libs, which is still good.


Nice! I've been trying to think of things to get my 12 yro interested in logic and programming, and the "code hour" puzzles don't appeal much to him. I loved this and will try it out, I can also get the 8 yro daughter interested as the test subject for the program executions :)

Oh, and incidentally, if I don't get around trying this in the next few months, he'll be 13 by the time we sit down to do it; I'm almost tempted to wait a bit just for that reason, LOL!

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