Me on Talk Python To Me

Tuesday 25 September 2018This is exactly five years old. Be careful.

I was the guest on the most recent episode of the Talk Python To Me podcast: #178: It was a really fun conversation. I liked at one point being able to say, “I’ll answer the question, and then I will challenge the premise of the question.” Michael does a great job running the show, including providing a full transcript of the episode!

We talked mostly about, but there was a small digression into what I do for work, which is the Open edX team at edX. EdX has thousands of courses from hundreds of institutions. But the software we write is open source, and is used by a thousand other sites to do online education. It’s really gratifying to see them doing the kinds of education that edX will never do.

The example I gave on the show is UKK Guru, an Indonesian site running hundreds of small vocational courses that will mean a lot to its learners.

Sorry to repeat myself! Mostly the show is about, it’s good. :)


really great talk.

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