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Monday 30 July 2018

The Moth is a story-telling podcast. I’ve been listening to it for a long time. I don’t like all the stories, but when I hear one that I do, I really like sharing it with my family. Maybe more than they like me sharing it, but I still try to encourage them to listen to the ones I find for them.

I like stories that are funny but also touching. These are some of my favorites:

  • Empathetic Subway Screaming by Jeff Simmermon: Jeff Simmermon has a run in with a grouchy straphanger on the subway.
  • Father Figure by Steve Zimmer: Hoping to impress his girlfriend’s son with a glassblowing demonstration has disastrous repercussions.
  • Notes on an Exorcism by Andrew Solomon: While studying treatments for depression in rural Africa, Solomon has an overly intimate encounter with a ram.
  • Golf Clubbing by Ed Gavagan: The screwball tale of the child of a tough drill sergeant who is injured on a Texas military base in the early 1970s.
  • Eye Spy by Michaela Murphy: Michaela Murphy endures a family beach vacation.
  • War Games by Micaela Blei: A teacher discovers her playground has turned into a 3rd grade war zone.
  • An Unexpected Twist by Andy Borowitz: A newlywed’s stomach ache turns life threatening.
  • Breaking Up in the Age of Google by Jessi Klein: A difficult break-up lures a young woman into a digital vortex.
  • A Superhero Gets Sick by Tim Manley: A man credits his mother and his imagination for keeping his spirits high while hospitalized.
  • The Bad Joke by Adriane McGillis: Adrianne McGillis’ father’s favorite joke lands him in the hospital.
  • My First Story by Etgar Keret: A bad soldier learns to write from personal loss.
  • Flight by Bobby Stoddard: An avid skier saves the day.


Thanks for sharing Ned, these are great!
Adriane McGillis 4:47 AM on 19 Jul 2019
Thanks for the mention!

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