Sunday 2 August 2015This is nearly eight years old. Be careful.

I think v4.0 is ready. But to be on the safe side, I’m releasing it as a beta because there have been a ton of changes since v3.7.1. Try it: 4.0b1.

Changes since 4.0a6:

  • The data storage has been completely revamped. There’s a new API to access the stored data: coverage.CoverageData.
  • The XML report has a new missing-branches attribute which breaks conformance to the Cobertura DTD.
  • Missing branches in the HTML report now have a bit more information in the right-hand annotations. Hopefully this will make their meaning clearer.
  • The private method Coverage._harvest_data is gone. Some third-party tools relied on this. Please test your integrations.
  • The speed is back to 3.7.1 levels.

If you are interested, there is a complete list of changes: CHANGES.txt.

Also available is the latest version of the Django coverage plugin: django_coverage_plugin 0.6. This uses the new plugin support in 4.0 to implement coverage measurement of Django templates.


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