Sunday 21 June 2015

A new alpha of 4.0 is available: 4.0a6. (Yes, there are many alphas: I’m changing a lot, and want to let it bake well before locking things in.)

Also available is the latest version of the Django coverage plugin: django_coverage_plugin 0.5. This uses the new plugin support in 4.0 to implement coverage measurement of Django templates.

Other changes since 4.0a5:

  • Python 3.5 is supported.
  • The old-style module-level function interface is no longer supported. I’m not sure what this might break. Try your coverage-related tools!
  • Branch coverage got better: extremely long files are supported and yield statements are supported better.
  • A few encoding-related bugs were fixed (for seemingly the fourteenth time...)

Try v4.0a6. If you are interested, there is a complete list of changes since the last stable release: CHANGES.txt


Just wanted to say thanks for coverage - also thanks for the support on IRC

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