Laptop cake

Sunday 15 February 2015

For my Mom’s 75th birthday (tomorrow), we made a laptop cake, because she is as much tied to her computer as I am:

Laptop cake

Plain yellow cake, cut in half, with the “screen” propped up with Yodels. The keyboard is bite-sized Snickers. The trackpad is a Petite Ecolier cookie, upside-down with its signature chocolate layer hidden in the cake. The screen has Skittles for the window controls, and various candies for the icons in the dock. A swirled candy is standing in as the spinning beach ball!

If you have not seen our cakes before, they are not poised or perfect. We have a great time making them, and do not worry too much about technical accuracy. We don’t use professional materials like fondant. We use stuff you can get in the supermarket, and the candy aisle is an important stop. They are fun, and they taste great!


Love it! I also enjoy making cakes (or other desserts) for special occasions. Like you, my emphasis is on delicious and fun.

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