Tuesday 20 January 2015This is over eight years old. Be careful.

Lots of things happening in world these days. Turns out I broke the XML report a long time ago, so that directories were not reported as packages. I honestly don’t know why I let that sit for so long. It’s fixed now, but I feel bad that I’ve ignored people’s bug reports and pull requests. I’ll try to be more responsive.

The fix is in v4.0a3. Also, the reports now use file names instead of a weird hybrid. Previously, the file “a/b/” was reported as “a/b/c”. Now it is shown as “a/b/”. This works better where non-Python files can be reported, so we can’t assume the extension is .py.

Oh, did I mention that now you can coverage-measure your Django templates?

Also in the XML report, there’s now a configuration setting to determine the directory depth that will be reported as packages. The default is that all directories will be reported as packages, but if you set the depth to 2, then only the upper two layers of directories will be reported.

Try v4.0a3.


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