Cog 2.4

Sunday 11 January 2015This is over eight years old. Be careful.

The recent holidays gave us Christmas and New Year’s Day on a Thursday, so I also had two Fridays off. This gave me two four-day weekends in a row. At the same time, I got a pull request against Cog from Doug Hellmann. Together, these gave me the time and the reason to update Cog.

So I cleaned up the couple of old pull requests, and open issues, and modernized the repo quite a bit.

Cog 2.4 is available now, with three new features:

  • A --delimiters option lets you control the three delimiters that separate the cog code and result from the rest of the file. Thanks, Doug Hellman.
  • A -n=ENCODING option that lets you specify the encoding for the input and output files. Thanks, Petr Gladkiy.
  • A --verbose option that lets you control how much chatter is in the output while cogging.

It was nice to revisit this old friend, and be able to tend it and ship it.


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