Wednesday 1 January 2014This is close to ten years old. Be careful.

Welcome to 2014! Who knows what it will bring? In 2013 I joined edX full-time (including open-sourcing the whole thing) and had a little surgery. On the side, I was greatly drawn to Python community work, notably Boston Python. I didn’t write as much here (or elsewhere!) as I thought I would, maybe that’s OK, though that’s definitely something I would like to improve on.

At home, I watched and helped as my family continued to develop their own paths in various ways: Nat in a group home; Max at NYU; Ben in high school and the arts; and Susan as a writer and advocate.

For the record, here’s us:


And here’s us, more realistically:


I couldn’t have predicted 2013, so I won’t try to predict 2014. As always, here’s to living mindfully, and having it come out the way you want!


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