Facts and myths about Python names and values

Sunday 7 July 2013

I’ve written a page about how Python names and values work: Fact and myths about Python names and values.

Other people have written about this, but maybe my small effort will help.

As always, my problem with explaining stuff like this is knowing where to start, and how to build, and what to leave out. In other words, trimming and linearizing the concept graph.

As a result, finishing a page like this just creates more drafts in my mind. Who knows where it will end??

One of the challenges with this piece was the diagrams. I finally got a tool chain working well enough with Cog and Graphviz.


Thomas Ballinger 2:34 PM on 14 Jul 2013
Mel Chua introduced me to this idea, "trimming and linearizing the concept graph" is a great phrasing of it. Great job with this post.

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