I fixed Python!

Sunday 4 November 2012This is over ten years old. Be careful.

About a month ago, I found a bad-behavior bug in the tokenize standard library module, and with help from Aron Griffis, submitted a patch to fix it. Yesterday was a Python bug day, and Ezio Melotti merged my change, so I have officially contributed to CPython!

The bug in tokenize was an obscure case: if the code ends with a line that starts with non-space, then ends with many spaces, and no newline, then the tokenizer gets into an N² run-time behavior, where N is the number of spaces. The problem is that each space is tokenized as an error token (because it precedes no good token), so N tokens are produced, but each token takes linear time for the regex to see that there’s no good token following it, leading to N² behavior.

I discovered this working on code that grades student submissions at edX. For some reason there was a submission ending with 40,000 spaces and no newline, and it was taking 20 minutes to tokenize!

Simple demonstration:

import tokenize
import time
from cStringIO import StringIO

def time_to_tokenize_trailing(spaces):
    source = StringIO("@" + " "*spaces)
    start = time.time()
    end = time.time()
    return end - start

for spaces in xrange(1000, 15000+1, 1000):
    print "%5d%.2fs" % (spaces, time_to_tokenize_trailing(spaces))


 1000: 0.71s
 2000: 2.83s
 3000: 6.47s
 4000: 11.52s
 5000: 17.68s
 6000: 26.16s
 7000: 35.35s
 8000: 46.65s
 9000: 58.35s
10000: 72.80s
11000: 89.53s
12000: 107.27s
13000: 126.44s
14000: 147.60s
15000: 166.81s

If you are running a server that tokenizes untrusted Python code, you might want to throw an .rstrip() into it to prevent this case...


Thanks, Ned!

Congrats on the first patch acceptance. I am running the test code now and I'm getting timing on the same order that you did:

1000: 0.66s
2000: 2.59s
3000: 5.86s
4000: 10.39s
5000: 16.44s
6000: 23.83s
7000: 32.91s
8000: 42.12s
9000: 52.77s
10000: 65.42s
11000: 80.21s
12000: 98.65s
13000: 114.85s
14000: 134.36s
15000: 156.47s


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