Sunday 8 July 2012This is nearly 11 years old. Be careful.

As anyone knows who has heard me lament the time I spend on Stack Overflow, I am a sucker for silly artificial point systems. And if you know me from Boston Python, you know I am also a huge champion of local Python efforts.

So Julython is a double-whammy: you get points for making commits to your Python-project repos, and there’s a location-based scoreboard to see which cities are making the most commits. Boston is currently second!

However artificial it is to count commits per-city, it has gotten me to blow the dust off a few repos and make some commits to keep the state of the world moving forward, and that was the whole point. I closed all the tickets (both!) in Cog. That forced me to finally figure out the docs for how to register a custom setup command in fixtar, though I am still fuzzy on some details there. And I am trying to get coverage.py onto a more-standard testing paradigm.

Go register your repos with Julython, especially if you live in Boston! :)


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