Saturday 2 June 2012This is 11 years old. Be careful.

One of the common dynamics at PyCon is that you can’t see all the talks you want to. There are five tracks going at once, and often, you find yourself in a face-to-face conversation with a real person, and it seems a shame to walk away from an IRL interaction to watch a talk that will be available later on video.

So you tell yourself, “I’ll watch it later on video,” but if you’re like me, you rarely go back to watch the video. There’s something about 30-minute videos that are hard to sit still for. My mind (and mouse finger) wanders, and I realize I’ve missed something, and I don’t get out of it what I thought I would.

But I want to hear the talk! So both to keep myself focused on the talk, and to maybe give others another way to “hear the talk,” I’m going to watch some videos and write blog posts summarizing each one. I’m calling it the “too long; didn’t watch” series, and I’m starting with the six testing talks at PyCon.

When I give talks, I like to write them out in prose, partly as part of my preparation, and partly so the content is available textually. This will be kind of like that, except the text will be sketchier, and they aren’t my words. I know I appreciate having text instead of video, so this is my contribution to the text-loving world.


You are awesome and I appreciate you! :-)

Organized text and outlines, maybe with a few pictures if needed to explain things, are so much better than videos for this kind of learning, IMHO. Even if your notes are rough, it's better than going into a video blind. It's the difference between serial vs. random access in finding what interests you.

Maybe this can be the basis for a new site that culls textual distillations of videos. :-)

Thanks, Ned.
Great idea Ned! I keep thinking too that I'm going to watch more pycon videos, but I haven't managed it yet.
This is a fantastic idea and I'll look forward to seeing the outcome.
Ned fantastic idea, I'm having pretty the same problem you have. Unfortunately I didn't attend PyCon, so I'm much more motivated, at least for a few weeks after the conference.
I've really appreciated your posting your talks as text; I find it far easier to dip into text when I have the time than deal with video.

So thank you for taking the initiative here!
I've personally found it helpful to use a tool that speeds up video playback. Watching a talk at 1x speed for me is generally torturous - I just get a bit bored, do other things and end up spending time taking nothing in. I've found that even for quite tricky material I can watch at 1.5/1.6x speed, and skim through familiar content at 2x+. You always have the option of slowing down or rewinding.

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