Sunday 29 April 2012This is over 11 years old. Be careful.

I just posted v3.5.2 beta 1. This release of the foremost code coverage tool for Python includes a number of small fixes:

  • The HTML report has been slightly tweaked.
  • You can now provide custom CSS for the HTML report if you’d like to tweak it further.
  • Source files with encodings declared at the top are properly handled in the HTML report in Python 2. They had always been handled properly in Python 3.
  • Better error handling when a supposed Python file can’t be parsed.
  • Better handling of exit status for the coverage command.
  • Better installation in PyPy.

The full details, including links to the tickets that were closed, are in the beta change history.

Please give this a try, and let me know of any problems. Given the nature of the changes, I should be upgrading it to “released” within the week.


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