Fog-free goggles

Monday 15 August 2011This is almost 12 years old. Be careful.

We engineers tend to apply creative problem-solving to all aspects of our life. No difficulty is too small to try to overcome. When swimming laps, goggles are important, unfortunately, they constantly fog up, which is frustrating. But I recently developed a technique that works great to keep them clear.

The answer is simple: wash the inside of the goggles with baby shampoo, but don’t rinse them. Use just enough water to get a good film of shampoo on the inside. If there are any bubbles, blow them away. The goggles will stay perfectly fog-free, and the baby shampoo won’t bother your eyes.


Divers usually wash the mask from inside with the saliva from a spit: apparently it has some magical properties. There is some controversy in using baby shampoo: some of them use funny ingredients that irritate eyes, but they also have a pain suppressors to ease off the irritation - make sure you understand ingredients fully.
Maybe NASA should get some "no more tears" baby shampoo for their space suits: US astronaut grapples with 'tears in space'.

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