Pilkington, LBP, and Inferno cakes

Wednesday 13 April 2011

Ben’s birthday was a few weeks ago, and we ended up with three different occasions for cakes to celebrate. For the day itself, we honored the animated Karl Pilkington:

Karl Pilkington, as cake

For those that haven’t enjoyed The Ricky Gervais Show, it’s an animated cartoon of Ricky’s podcasts discussing anything and everything with his colleagues Steven Merchant and especially Karl Pilkington:

Karl Pilkington, as cartoon

For an extended family gathering, we made cupcakes based on Little Big Planet sackboys:

Sackboy cupcakes

Finally, for his delayed party, a monstrosity based on Dante’s Inferno, a fascination for Ben:

Inferno cake

There are three levels here: the top is suicides turned into trees, the bottom is the icy level with a demon guarding the place, and in the middle is the gluttonous third circle, with tormented souls swimming in their own excretions (don’t worry, just chocolate pudding and Tootsie rolls).

OK, so this is an unusual theme for a cheerful birthday party, but believe me, they loved this, and it’s right up Ben’s alley. Take a look at some of his art: Forgiveness Pt. 2


Hello! I am YouKyung from Korea.
I read the book "Making peace with Autism" by Susan senator
so i can visit this web-page.
The book is really nice and move me deeply !
I wanto say *HAPPY BIRTHDAY* to Ben, If i may say so.
And the cake is amazing ! haha :D
Hi there, I want to make a duplicate of your Karl Pilkington cake as my friend has an uncanny likeness to him and it's his birthday soon. I was just wondering how you made the nose? I'm guessing the ear was half a cupcake?

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