Bob Books on the iPhone

Thursday 18 November 2010This is over 12 years old. Be careful.

OK, this is really cool. Bob Books are tiny charming books with doodly drawings and simple phonetic text. All my boys learned to read with Bob Books, including my middle son Max.

Now Max is 18, and has a job wrangling media with a firm making iPhone apps. Their latest app is now available: Bob Books #1 – Reading Magic. Max edited sounds and images for this app, so I guess Bob Books has come full circle with him.

Screenshot of Bob Books Reading Magic

Buy the app, it’s great. I’m so proud of Max, first for learning to read all those years ago, and now for helping to bring Bob Books to new learners on the iPhone.


This is fantastic! My boys are learning to read using the Bob Books right now. Great to see some classics translate to new technology.
In case you missed it on twitter, my 6 year old has really enjoyed the Bob Book app and I took some pictures for your son:

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