Sunday 19 September 2010This is close to 13 years old. Be careful. 3.4, the latest release of my code coverage tool for Python, is now available. If you haven’t been trying the betas, then new in this release are better ways to direct’s’s attention on your source code, a number of fixes to reporting, especially the XML report, and now completely unexecuted files can be reported as 0% covered.



Hi Ned,
You may remember me requesting to add cython coverage. After some effort i've been able to make report cython functions coverage. Its a small patch, located at , with some test files at . If you feel its reasonable, i'd be glad if some such feature goes into
Currently it reports only function coverage (no line coverage), using profiling hooks.
i've fixed canonical_filename replacement for pyx files in case of absolute path in v2 of the file on the google site. waiting for ur comments on its feasibility :)

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