Zach Anner

Friday 16 July 2010This is nearly 13 years old. Be careful.

Zach Anner is a funny guy, who happens to have cerebral palsy, as Zach puts it, “the sexiest of the palsies”. He submitted a video to Oprah’s Search for the next TV star:

He ended up with 2.5 million votes:

I really like Zach’s humor because it doesn’t avoid his disability, and it isn’t just about his disability. It’s about funny Zach and the funny world, and Zach’s cerebral palsy is part of it, but just a part. He strikes just the right balance, and he’s got a great attitude. Watch him train for the 2011 Austin marathon:

He has more stuff with Lark the Beard. I hope he goes far.


I found about this poll when it was posted on 4chan, in a post that suggested that votes for the white male candidate were being capped. The same forces that brought you the "Marble Cake also The Game" acrostic on the Time Influential Person poll probably got engaged at that point.

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