Sunday 27 June 2010This is 13 years old. Be careful.

In the last year, people have been experimenting with 3D variations of the Mandelbrot fractal. The first to get a lot of attention was the Mandelbulb, but I didn’t like it, it just looks blobby to me, with no apparent self-similarity.

Then in February, a new formula appeared, called Mandelbox. It’s a clever two-step formula using folding, first with squares, then with circles. The combination provides a very rich generative source.

Being a 3D structure, you can fly through it:

There’s an amazing variety of textures and structures here, reminiscent of many other fractals. Some of the vistas seem like science-fiction sets, but generated by a formula rather than drawn by hand. Fascinating.

Mandelbox is a rich world to explore, and it’s really new, so we can expect to see lots more innovation and exploration.


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