Graduated Max

Sunday 6 June 2010This is more than 13 years old. Be careful.

My middle son Max graduated from high school today:

Max with diploma

I’m proud of his accomplishment, not because I thought there was a chance that he wouldn’t graduate from high school, but because he managed it with his typical calm graceful style.

The ceremony was indoors due to the threat of bad weather which didn’t materialize until an hour after we were done. Graduation ceremonies have an unfortunate sameness, but it’s very cool to see your kid go through them with the costume and the speeches and so on.

Caps in the air!

Of course, we had to mark the occasion with a baked treat. In this case, it was cupcakes decorated to look like mortarboard hats:

Graduation cupcakes

We just turned the cupcakes upside down, pasted a half a chocolate bar on with a dab of frosting, made a tassel from fringed Fruit By The Foot, and attached it to an M&M button with a bit more frosting. Simple, yet effective!

Congratulations, Max! I’m looking forward to what the next phase brings...


Congratulation !

from a feed subscriber.
Congratulations, Max!

Are there any thoughts yet about what the next phase is likely to be?

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