Ben 12

Wednesday 24 March 2010This is more than 13 years old. Be careful.

Today is my son Ben’s 12th birthday. He’s always been the artist in the family.

He studies Spanish in school, and one regular assignment is to create flash cards with an illustration on the front and the Spanish word on the back. Of course Ben loves this assignment, and throws himself into it. The kids can choose their own words. Here’s a recent card Ben drew, for “integrity”:

Integrity, illustrated

I’ve always admired the ability of cartoonists to capture so much with such simple lines. And Ben has got the knack. I can feel this fellow’s indignation at the behavior of the homogenous mocking crowd. I see his courage in standing up to them. I see the power he feels in knowing he is right.

I have no idea where Ben’s ability came from, but it takes my breath away to see what comes out the end of his pencil.

Happy Birthday Ben!


That is a fantastic drawing. Well done Ben! Happy Birthday!
If he wants to combine Spanish with drawing maybe he should see if he can get some book from Quino. I don't know how much a non-Latin person would get the humor.
Ned, I am blown away. What talent. Spanish is besides the point, IMHO.
Nice job. I sort of envy people who can draw. It is another form of expression that I don't have.
That's a great piece of work, regardless of age.

The fact that Ben is twelve does add to the impressiveness, though.
Just beautiful. The way I interpret it is that the crowd is joining someone (out of the drawing) in ridiculing someone else and the central character shows his integrity by standing up to that off-drawing figure. Also interesting is that the central character is looking up at the off-drawing character as if the off-drawing character has some position of importance or authority.

Awesome! Ben is not a conformist, that's for sure, which is great, as he is destined for greatness.

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