Couchio is hiring

Saturday 13 February 2010This is more than 13 years old. Be careful.

Damien Katz has started Couchio to provide CouchDb hosting services. He’s looking to hire an infrastructure engineer.

It should be an interesting gig for a few reasons. Start by reading Damien’s Thoughts on an Open Source Company. I love the idealism of his approach. I’d quibble with whether someone needs to have contributed to open source: it’s a great indicator, but doesn’t seem like an absolute requirement to me. But Damien is a unique guy, with an often-unconventional outlook. See his CouchDB and Me presentation (complete with marker-on-legal-pad production values) for a history of the path he’s taken so far.

Pretty much every step of the way Damien’s done it wrong for some well-accepted value of “wrong”. And so far it’s worked out for him. I don’t know his secret, but I wouldn’t bet against him...


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