Wednesday 10 February 2010This is more than 13 years old. Be careful.

AllRGB sets an unusual challenge: create a 4096×4096 image such that every possible RGB value is present once and only once. Most of the images look like the gray soup you’d imagine, but a few actually depict a real scene surprisingly well, and some are interesting as abstract art:

allRGB rendering of a natural scene
allRGB portrait of the Hilbert curve

Eric Burnett wrote about his allRGB Mandelbrot, which uses Hilbert curve techniques, as does Aldo Cortesi’s portrait of the Hilbert curve. Conflict of interest disclosure: the gray background on my blog is a Hilbert curve. ☺

Of course, there’s no practical purpose to these techniques, but they’re interesting explorations of color spaces and image rendering.


Of course, there's no practical purpose to these techniques
That sounds like a quote from famous last words.

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