21st century life in transition

Monday 8 February 2010

Sitting at the breakfast table, my wife Susan was reading the paper, and when she got to the end of a story, dragged her finger down the paper to try to scroll the newspaper.

I’ve sat in a movie theater watching trailers, and glanced at the bottom of the screen to try to see the progress bar to see how much time was left in the short clip.

Max said when he’s writing on paper with a pencil, and makes a mistake, his left hand twitches as if to hit cmd-Z.

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Nate Finch 7:48 AM on 8 Feb 2010

I tried to scroll google maps on my laptop with my finger the other day. Not quite as bad, but I totally understand the feeling. What's crazy is when that stuff starts working....

Ken Pespisa 9:10 AM on 8 Feb 2010

Countless times I've started to reach for the 30-second rewind button while listening to the radio in my car, if I missed a part of the conversation. Thanks to TiVo and my iPhone for that one..

Cameron Price 9:14 AM on 8 Feb 2010

Heh.. I've been reading on the kindle a great deal. And when reading printed text, I've more than once found myself reaching for the cursor control to look up words I don't know in the dictionary.

Geek Scrap 10:04 AM on 8 Feb 2010

Does digital to digital transition count? I recently found myself TABing to autocomplete while writing a letter on OpenOffice.

Brandon Craig Rhodes 10:24 AM on 8 Feb 2010

After receiving King's Quest III for my Radio Shack Color Computer 3 for Christmas as a child and playing for an entire week straight, I was startled to find myself trying to hit the keystroke for "diagonal-down" when I reached the top of my parent's stairs. :-)

Christian Oudard 10:58 AM on 8 Feb 2010

I sometimes catch myself doing the motion for Ctrl-F when scanning for something in a paper book.

AdSR 3:26 PM on 8 Feb 2010

I remember that some years ago I tried to copy-paste part of my grocery list from one post-it to another. I pretty much did a mouse select and then "hit" Ctrl-C before I realized it wasn't working. :D

kumasama 7:55 PM on 8 Feb 2010

I was at a conference a couple of weeks ago and there was a hard-to-read figure in a power point. It took all the restraint I could muster not to pinch-to-zoom.

Ken Pespisa 9:08 PM on 8 Feb 2010

I thought of another one. I've been at a Red Sox game, watched a close play occur at first, and then waited for the replay to follow, fully expecting to see it on the live field.

David Boudreau 10:35 AM on 9 Feb 2010

...what's a "newspaper"?

Jonathon Duerig 1:03 PM on 9 Feb 2010

It is only a matter of time before I go into a public restroom, stand there with my hands under the sink, and wave them around before realizing that it isn't motion-activated.

Sid 3:32 PM on 10 Feb 2010

My most frequent one is the sequence "Esc :wq" to exit any program ranging from Terminal, to Word!

Aron 8:55 PM on 11 Feb 2010

I have a vim abbreviation "Ydate" that expands to the current date. I've written it on whiteboards, then experienced a moment of surprise when it didn't work.

Karen 7:02 PM on 21 Feb 2010

Today I tapped the upper right corner of my iPod screen to view the list of songs on the album I was currently playing... but it's a nano, not a touch.

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