PyCon on the Charles, part 1

Wednesday 13 January 2010

The Cambridge Python Meetup will have a session next Wednesday, January 20. Three Boston-area PyCon speakers will be rehearsing their talks. PyCon 2010 is (as you must know) in Atlanta in February. This is a chance for speakers to practice and get some feedback to improve their talks. It’s also a chance for Pythonistas who can’t get to Atlanta to see some of the PyCon content. Heck, even if you are going to Atlanta, this is a way to resolve some of those “can’t be in two places at once” problems at PyCon, which this year will have five parallel tracks!

Full details and RSVP: PyCon on the Charles, part 1. There may even be snacks.

Boston has six speakers this year, so part 2 will be on February 3: PyCon on the Charles, part 2.


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